Height (cm, in):
Weight (kg, lb):
Waist circumference (cm, in):

BMI (kg m⁻²):
ABSI (m11/6 kg-2/3):
BMI z score*:
ABSI z score*:
BMI percent (1-100):
ABSI percent (1-100):
Relative risk from BMI**:
Relative risk from ABSI**:
Relative risk, BMI+ABSI**:

* Standard deviations above/below average.
** 1 is average risk; range is the approximate 95% confidence interval. A relative risk greater than 1 indicates greater than average death rate while numbers below 1 indicate a lower than average rate. For example, 1.2 indicates a 20 percent greater risk than average while 0.8 indicates a 20 percent lower risk.

A body shape index (ABSI) is a new measure of risk associated with waist circumference. ABSI is designed to be used together with the better known body mass index (BMI), not to replace it. For the derivation and application of ABSI, please read this paper; see also here and here. The BMI and ABSI z scores, percentiles, and mortality risks are estimates based on the NHANES 1999-2004 cohort, designed to sample the USA population; see the paper for details. See here for instructions on measuring waist circumference. This calculator is intended for illustrative and educational purposes only, and is not warranted for any medical use.

Dr. Jesse C. Krakauer is available for medical consultation related to ABSI.