Height (cm, in):
Weight (kg, lb):
Waist circumference (cm, in):
Hip circumference (cm, in):

BMI (kg m⁻²):
ABSI (m11/6 kg-2/3):
HI (cm):
Height z score*:
BMI z score*:
ABSI z score*:
HI z score*:
Height percent (1-100):
BMI percent (1-100):
ABSI percent (1-100):
HI percent (1-100):
Relative risk from height**:
Relative risk from BMI**:
Relative risk from ABSI**:
Relative risk from HI**:
Relative risk, combined**:

* Standard deviations above/below average.
** 1 is average risk; range is the approximate 95% confidence interval. A relative risk greater than 1 indicates greater than average death rate while numbers below 1 indicate a lower than average rate. For example, 1.2 indicates a 20 percent greater risk than average while 0.8 indicates a 20 percent lower risk.
See my paper for more details.
Instructions for measuring waist circumference and hip circumference.
This calculator is intended for illustrative and educational purposes only, and is not warranted for any medical use.