Height (cm, in):
Weight (kg, lb):
Waist circumference (cm, in):
Hip circumference (cm, in):

BMI (kg m⁻²):
ABSI (m11/6 kg-2/3):
HI (cm):
Height z score*:
BMI z score*:
ABSI z score*:
HI z score*:
Height percent (1-100):
BMI percent (1-100):
ABSI percent (1-100):
HI percent (1-100):
Relative risk from height**:
Relative risk from BMI**:
Relative risk from ABSI**:
Relative risk from HI**:
Relative risk, combined**:

* Standard deviations above/below average.
** 1 is average risk; range is the approximate 95% confidence interval. A relative risk greater than 1 indicates greater than average death rate while numbers below 1 indicate a lower than average rate. For example, 1.2 indicates a 20 percent greater risk than average while 0.8 indicates a 20 percent lower risk.
See my paper for more details.
This calculator is intended for illustrative and educational purposes only, and is not warranted for any medical use.