CE 315: Computational Methods in Civil Engineering (Spring 2021)

Class syllabus

Class materials

Lecture notes
Lab notes
Term project description
Rubric for term project
Instructions for logging on to WeBWorK

Lectures (corresponding to sections of the lecture notes) and related readings

01: YM lecture 3; MQR; K section 01.01,01.07
02: YM lectures 4 and 28; K section 01.02-01.06
03: YM lectures 8-12; K sections 04.01-04.09, 04.11
04: YM lectures 14-16; K section 04.10
Midterm 1 -- on material covered in Sections 1-4 of the lecture and lab notes
05: YM lecture 27; K sections 02.01-02.03
06: YM lectures 21-22; K sections 07.01-07.08
07: YM lectures 29-31; K sections 08.01-08.05
08: YM lecture 33; K section 08.07
Midterm 2 -- on material covered in Sections 5-8
09: YM lecture 19; K sections 05.01-05.10
10: YM lecture 20; K sections 06.01-06.05
11: YM lectures 5-6; K sections 03.03-03.06
12: YM lecture 13; K sections 09.01-09.02
Term project presentations
Final -- cumulative, Sections 1-12

K: Kaw, Numerical Methods with Applications
YM: Young and Mohlenkamp, Introduction to Numerical Methods and Matlab Programming for Engineers
MQR: Matlab Quick Reference

Lecture slides

Example programs

Sample exams

Practice problems for Midterm 1; Solutions
Practice problems for Midterm 2; Solutions
Practice problems for Final (in addition to the previous ones, since the final is cumulative); Solutions

Useful online resources for supplementary reading (and project ideas)

Matlab documentation
Introduction to Matlab
Ökten, First Semester in Numerical Analysis with Julia
Pav, Numerical Methods Course Notes
Moler, Numerical Computing with MATLAB; Experiments with MATLAB; Essays; Blog
Collins, Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis
Kaw, Holistic Numerical Methods: extensive explanations and examples for individual methods
Kaw, Introduction to Matrix Algebra
What Every Programmer Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic: good explanations of roundoff error
Hansen, GNU Octave Beginner's Guide
Herz-Fischler, An Introduction to Octave for High School and University Students
Stahel, Octave and MATLAB for Engineers
Venkataraman, Essential Mechanics - Statics and Strength of Materials with MATLAB and Octave
Wilson et al., "Best Practices for Scientific Computing"